News Release

INEOS Styrolution’s Terblend® N NE-15XF used on agricultural utility vehicles in Korea


Seoul, Korea

Agricultural utility vehicles produced by leading Korean manufacturer using INEOS Styrolution’s Terblend® N NE-15XF

  • Terblend®N NE-15XF: selected for excellent impact resistance, good thermoforming-ability, extrusion stability and paint-ability
  • Terblend®N NE-15XF: an eco-friendly polymer replacing fiber-glass reinforced plastic (FRP) and an ideal material of choice for use in agricultural utility vehicles’ fenders
  • Terblend®N NE-15XF: Supports our customer in achieving its recycling and CO2 reduction targets

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, announced today that its Terblend® N NE-15XF has been selected by a leading Korean manufacturer of mechanized farming equipment, as the material of choice for its range of products. This new grade will help advance the company’s efforts in reducing carbon footprint of its products and promoting a new generation of environmentally conscious agricultural utility vehicles.

The customer has plans to reduce its carbon foortprint by expanding the application of recyclable, eco-friendly materials in their products. With that in mind, the company approached INEOS Styrolution for an eco-friendly replacement material for FRP used in the fenders of their agricultural utility vehicle range, while retaining its attributes.

INEOS Styrolution’s newly developed Terblend N NE-15XF is a recyclable blend of ABS with polyamide copolymer featuring excellent impact resistance, good thermoforming-ability, extrusion stability and paint-ability, making it an ideal grade for use in vehicles’ fenders. Apart from agricultural utility vehicles, Terblend N NE-15XF can also be used for other housing applications by thermoforming process.

Mr. MH Kim, Developer of the company, says, “The performance of Terblend N NE-15XF fits exactly our customer requirements and allowing them to achieve their company's CO2 reduction targets. We also appreciate INEOS Styrolution’s outstanding reputation, excellent R&D capabilities and customer service, enabling us to produce environmentally conscious products.”   

“Complementing our extended range of material solutions, we are excited to collaborate closely with our customer to provide the best material and best technical service and support throughout the entire project,” says Paulo Motta, Vice President, Specialties Business Management, Asia Pacific, INEOS Styrolution. “Our specialty styrenics help address our customers’ expectations regarding aesthetics, eco-friendliness and performance.”

INEOS Styrolution’s Terblend® N product line is comprised of blends of ABS with polyamide. They combine excellent impact strength and chemical resistance with high melt flow and good acoustic dampening, making it an ideal styrenic for automotive original equipment manufacturers looking for a matte finish and coloring capabilities in applications, such as loudspeaker grills and column covers. Terblend is also a trusted material with excellent property retention also used, for instance, in the household industry.

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