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INEOS Styrolution selected to showcase ABS sustainable solution at Arburg technology days 2024



Vegetable slicer, image courtesy of Arburg

  • INEOS Styrolution’s drop-in ABS solution Terluran® ECO GP35 BC100 contains bio-attributed content for all three ABS monomers (styrene monomer, butadiene and acrylonitrile)

Arburg, a leading global manufacturer of plastic processing machines, selected INEOS Styrolution’s sustainable ABS Terluran® ECO GP35 BC100 to demonstrate the capabilities of their latest generation of ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines at their recent Technology Days 2024 in Lossburg, Germany (March 13-16, 2024). 

Arburg’s ALLROUNDER platforms     

Arburg machine modell, image courtesy of Arburg

During the event, INEOS Styrolution’s materials were processed on two of Arburg’s injection moulding machines - the ALLROUNDER 520 H and the ALLROUNDER 1300 T.

The ALLROUNDER 520 H offers cost and resource saving benefits, with increased production efficiency. Compared to conventional machines, the ALLROUNDER H reduces energy requirements by up to 50%. In addition, the required cooling water output can be reduced by up to 70% and the drying time is also reduced by around 40%.

The ALLROUNDER 1300 T can be integrated into an automated production line. The machine enables the moulding together with non-plastics components – such as the metal blade in a vegetable slicer as an example.


INEOS Styrolution’s Terluran ECO BC100

Terluran ECO BC100 complies with all food contact regulations (EU, FDA, China, Japan). It is the world’s first fully bio-attributed ABS grade using renewable feedstock aligned with an ISCC-certified mass balance approach. The new ISCC-certified renewable feedstock can be used as a replacement for conventional feedstock for all three components in ABS (acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene monomer). This approach maximises the renewable feedstock in the material while minimising the CO2 footprint. In fact, the approach leads to a negative carbon footprint for this high-performing product.

Christian Homp, Manager of Applications at Arburg, says: “The drop-in characteristic of INEOS Styrolution’s material combined with our innovative injection moulding machines gives customers a convincing cost-effective sustainable solution.”

Christian Dietlein, Technical Service Manager EMEA at INEOS Styrolution, adds: “Arburg’s Technology Days was the perfect environment to experience both Arburg’s new efficient machines and our ABS material with the lowest CO2 footprint.”