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K 2022: Leonhard Kurz demonstrates the development of individualised home appliances with INEOS Styrolution’s Clearlux®



  Image courtesy of LEONHARD KURZ

  • Clearlux®: helping to create unique products
  • Live demonstration of Clearlux during K 2022 in hall 5, booth A19
  • Clearlux: unique combination of excellent flow, high impact strength, heat resistance and transparency

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, has today announced that LEONHARD KURZ will do live demonstrations at their booth A19 in hall 5 featuring INEOS Styrolution’s Clearlux® MABS[1]. The demonstration will aim at merging an appealing design with an optimised functionality. A specific focus will be on smart, individualised and sustainable decorations for home appliances.

The innovative processes and complete solutions from LEONHARD KURZ combined with the transparent specialty copolymers from INEOS Styrolution enable a high degree of individualisation with versatile display surfaces and the integration of backlighting and touch functions. At the K in Düsseldorf, visitors will learn first-hand how highly efficient and individual human-machine interface (HMI) displays can be created. They will also learn about designs that clearly stand out.

“The well-known gray and white that used to be known in the household appliances is a thing of the past,” says Nick Wagner, Head of Business Area Plastic Decoration Sales and Marketing at LEONHARD KURZ.

The company has selected INEOS Styrolution’s Clearlux 816 MABS copolymer for the demonstration in Düsseldorf. Clearlux 816 offers a unique combination of excellent flow, high impact strength, heat resistance and transparency. It is easy to process and is characterised by its perfect adhesion to LEONHARD KURZ surface decoration. This results in an excellent combination of the LEONHARD KURZ decoration, the PolyTC® sensors and backlighting.

The display decoration enables effects with a high recognition value. For example, a metal look can be implemented over the entire surface or in selected areas.

 Image courtesy of LEONHARD KURZ

The solution, which is demonstrated in Düsseldorf for a washing machine display, can also be used for appliances such as coffee machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and many other home appliances.

Erik Fetter, Account Manager at INEOS Styrolution says: “LEONHARD KURZ is at the forefront of trends such as smart homes, artificial intelligence, minimalism and individualisation. At INEOS Styrolution, we are proud to work with a company that shows such an entrepreneurial spirit. We are excited that our Clearlux material is becoming part of what I would describe as an evolution to the next level.”


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Visit us at K fair in Düsseldorf, October 19-26, 2022: hall 6 / booth 6D28.

[1] MABS: Methylmethacrylate-Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene