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K 2022: NMB demonstrates co-injection process for INEOS Styrolution’s ABS material



Images courtesy of NMB

  • Press is expected to accelerate the circular solution for plastics
  • Research results are presented at the K show by NMB (booth C36 in hall 12) and by INEOS Styrolution (booth D28 in hall 6)

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, has today announced that it investigates a co-injection solution together with its long-time research partner Neue Materialien Bayreuth (NMB). A third partner in this project is Engel Austria GmbH. First results of the project will be presented at the K in Düsseldorf at NMB’s booth C36 in hall 12 (Bayern Innovativ booth) and at INEOS Styrolution’s booth D28 in hall 6.

For certain applications, especially for the electronics and automotive industry, moving towards a circular economy requires new technologies to optimise the use of recycled materials. The technologies, explored by INEOS Styrolution and NMB (classical co-injection and Engel’s Skinmelt process) allow to take advantage of the surface properties and the mechanical properties of virgin ABS material while benefitting from incorporating post-consumer recycled ABS in the core of the product. The co-injection process from Engel allows to include a significant share of post-consumer recycled ABS. Also, molding complex 3D applications is possible with this process.

Thomas Neumeyer, Head of Division Polymers at NMB comments: “This research project has proven that we can combine a core of post-consumer ABS with virgin ABS, without losing material properties. This project supports the industry in achieving their circular economy objectives. And by using one single polymer, at end of life the product is easy recyclable.

Yvonne van Veen, Head of Advocacy EMEA at INEOS Styrolution, adds: “We hope that the result of our research triggers a broad range of new applications to take advantage of available recycled materials in combination with our virgin materials. The combination is giving our customers an excellent design freedom for their products.”

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Visit us at K fair in Düsseldorf, October 19-26, 2022: hall 6 / booth 6D28.