News Release

INEOS Styrolution presents innovative styrenics solutions for the healthcare industry at K 2022


Frankfurt, Germany

Well-being up. Limitations down.

  • Large styrenics specialties portfolio for the healthcare industry
  • Unique healthcare service packages
  • INEOS Styrolution’s ECO line of products for the healthcare industry:

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, will present its new range of sustainable styrenics solutions at K 2022. The new materials combine traditional styrenics values such as safety and superior performance with new sustainability measures reducing the ecological footprint making selected products materials of choice for a range of healthcare applications.

Styrenics are particularly attractive to healthcare solution providers for their unsurpassed ratio of high performance and cost-effectiveness. Applications based on INEOS Styrolution’s styrenics products include inhaler housings, auto-injectors, various drug and fluid delivery applications, transparent reservoirs and housings, connectors, durable transparent components, filters and respiratory devices. Recent additions to the portfolio provide the opportunity to develop even an entire IV set from styrenics products.

INEOS Styrolution’s ECO line of styrenics materials aim at a healthy environment in addition to being safe materials supporting our well-being. First tests with very promising results have been completed with the new materials for casings for electronic and electric hospital devices and for medical packaging solutions.

Bernd Elbert, Business Development Manager Specialties EMEA says: “With our ECO line of materials we support healthcare application providers to meet their own sustainability goals. But watch this space! We have only started. There is more to come.”


Styrenics materials for the healthcare industry

INEOS Styrolution offers a large styrenics specialties portfolio for the healthcare industry. Together with the company’s ability to serve customer globally makes the company stand out as a supplier to globally operating medical application providers.

ABS materials Novodur®, Novodur® HD and Lustran®, SBC materials Styroflex®, Styrolux® and K-Resin®, MBS material Zylar® and Terlux®, an MABS, are all part of a strong portfolio for the healthcare industry. NAS®, an SMMA selected for its high stiffness, completes the portfolio.


Sustainable Styrolution ECO materials

With the introduction of materials based on bio-attributed feedstock, styrenics products with a significantly lower greenhouse gas footprint became available also for the healthcare industry. Styrolux ECO and Styroflex ECO offer an at least 76% lower GHG footprint when compared to their fossil-based reference. Newly introduced grades with 100% bio-attributed content exhibit neutral to even negative carbon footprints.

The carbon footprint reduction for the new NAS® ECO varies between 77% and 99% compared to the respective fossil-based products, depending on the amount of renewable feedstock used to produce a material.

Novodur® and Novodur HD (part of INEOS Styrolution’s HD product range) is a product family of specialty ABS copolymers that is particularly popular in the healthcare industry for example for inhalers housings. With Novodur HD ECO, customers now have the choice to go for a plug-in solution with a product carbon footprint saving of up to 71% as compared to the respective non-ECO product reference.


INEOS Styrolution Healthcare Packages

Based on a deep understanding of the medical industry, its applications, value chains and regulatory requirements, INEOS Styrolution provides dedicated healthcare services packages addressing all aspects relevant to healthcare device manufacturers including addressing the need for longevity of materials with NOC (Notification of Change) agreements. Customers can choose from a range of healthcare service packages like:

Full Service HD Package (Risk Class 1 & 2)

- Up to 36 months NOC, with signed long term supply contract

- Locked formulations as defined in the drug master file (DMF) filed with the FDA

- Food contact statements, USP class VI, ISO 10993

- Security of supply, long-term and global availability

- Increased technical support (color & application development, design support etc.)


Essential HD Package (Risk Class 1 & 2)

- Up to 12 months NOC, with signed long-term supply contract

- Food contact statements, USP Class VI, ISO 10993, DMF


Standard Food Contact Package (Risk Class 1)

- FDA and EU food contact statements available