News Release

INEOS Styrolution selected by Goldsun to create high impact ABS bumper guards for cars in India


Vadodara, India

  • Goldsun takes advantage of a broad range of Absolac® ABS solutions1 for its high melt strength with broader processing window and superior impact
  • Absolac proves to be ideal for Goldsun’s blow molding method for producing auto parts
  • Absolac E 502 BML becomes the latest addition to the portfolio, used for the production of bumper guards and spoilers

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, has been selected by Goldsun Auto Pvt. Ltd. as a thermoplastics supplier for its range of automotive components such as spoilers, luggage carriers and footsteps for four-wheelers in India. The Coimbatore, India, based company lives up to a strong commitment to quality, right from sourcing raw materials all the way to final fitting. For a wide range of applications, they turn to INEOS Styrolution to provide the best ABS solution per respective application.

Goldsun employs innovative methods such as special blow molding, plasma cutting (cutting electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma), cold anodizing (electrolytic passivation process increasing the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts) and powder coating to create high quality and visually appealing components. They are one of the first companies to start a dedicated ABS bumper guard production unit in India. The blow molding technology ensures dimensional accuracy, high volume production, high surface finish and repeatability factors.

G Ramachandran, Managing Director at Goldsun, says: “We are happy with the E 502 BML grade, as it gives a better result in blow molding products. Absolac shows good flexibility that helps in proper molding. Its high melt strength and broader processing window contributes to produce good quality bumper guards weighing 17 to 18kg, with good impact strength, dimensional stability and consistent product wall thickness”. He particularly appreciates the proactive approach of the INEOS Styrolution representatives.

Goldsun uses a broad range of Absolac ABS solutions in their production:

Absolac E 502 BML: This blow molding grade became the latest addition to the portfolio used by Goldsun. It is used for the production of the Goldsun Xtent Defender and Trishul range of bumper guards for SUVs like Tata Hexa and parcel trays for Datsun redi-GO. Goldsun chose this particular grade for its high melt strength and good mechanical properties.

Absolac 120 HR: This grade is used for the production of the Goldsun Footrail suitable for all SUVs.

Absolac 200 EP: This easy flow electroplating injection-molding grade is used for automotive plating parts.

Rajiv Verma, Lead Automotive India at INEOS Styrolution, enjoys the partnership with Goldsun. He comments: “We are glad to work with this strong local automotive company in India, and we are looking forward supporting Goldsun to stay at the top of the industry.” Thangamayan Prabharan, Manager Sales and Marketing, adds: “Due to our close cooperation, we are able to make suggestions early in the development process of a new application.”

1 The Absolac line of ABS solutions is produced in India for the Indian market.