News Release

INEOS Styrolution presents new materials and innovative solutions for the healthcare industry at MEDTEC China 2017


Shanghai, China

  • Broad range of styrenic solutions, including K-Resin® SBC, available at MEDTEC China 2017, booth B305
  • Novodur® HD M203FC G3: Bio-compatibility certified glass fiber filled ABS
  • Styrolux® 4G60: Specific drip chamber SBC grade

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, will present its latest innovations for the healthcare industry at MEDTEC China 2017, from September 20-22 in Shanghai.

Showing its continued commitment to the healthcare industry, INEOS Styrolution increases its already broad portfolio of styrenic solutions by several promising innovations and new offerings.

“As a global company with deep industry expertise, INEOS Styrolution works side-by-side with its partners to deliver medical solutions offering premium aesthetics and performance at a competitive price”, states Jerry Song, Head of Healthcare, Greater China, INEOS Styrolution. “We are looking forward to welcoming medical manufacturers and designers at our booth at MEDTEC China and to discuss collaborations and help them differentiate themselves from their competition with our innovative solutions and renowned HD service packages.”

Visitors can experience the following new solutions during a visit to INEOS Styrolution’s booth at MEDTEC China.

- K-Resin: With the acquisition of the global K-Resin styrene-butadiene copolymers (SBC) business, INEOS Styrolution added a brand to its portfolio, which is widely recognized in the healthcare industry. Grades such as the K-Resin KR03 and K-Resin BK10 are well-suited for many medical uses for devices and packaging. Not only do the polymers process easily and perform well, but they also meet many requirements of the medical industry.

Most K-Resin copolymers meet USP Class VI requirements. They are readily sterilizable by gamma irradiation, ethylene oxide gas, or electron beam with minimal effects on physical or optical properties.

- Novodur HD M203FC G3 is a glass fiber filled ABS suited for medical applications which is certified against the relevant parts of the biocompatibility standard ISO 10993 and USP Class VI. The new grade delivers a significantly increased stiffness in combination with a high flowability making it the material of choice for demanding applications like medical spikes and applications requiring structural stability.

The regulatory compliancy reduces the risk for device manufacturers to pass the demanding and time consuming regulatory approvals in the healthcare industry.  Novodur HD M203FC G3 will be offered with INEOS Styrolution’s “Full Service HD package” which includes the regulatory documents noted above along with an up to 36 months notification of change (NOC) with a signed long-term supply contract.

- Styrolux 4G60 has been specifically designed for the development of drip chambers in IV sets. This new grade represents the first solution of the fourth generation of advanced copolymer materials. Styrolux 4G60 excels in softness, elasticity and transparency. Very good bonding properties make this new grade an excellent fit for the production of drip chambers. It is compliant with USP Class VI and selected ISO 10993 Standards.

Styrolux 4G60 is available with the “Essential HD Package” with a signed long-term supply contract. The package includes an up to 12 months NOC.

The INEOS Styrolution portfolio for the healthcare industry ranges from transparent polymers (Terlux® HD, Zylar®, Clearblend®, Styrolux®, Styroflex®, K-Resin®, Luran® HD, NAS®) across opaque polymers (Novodur® HD, Lustran® (ABS)) to standard food contact packages (Styrolution® PS, Terluran®) and research and development support for medical device designers.

Healthcare Technical Seminar:

During the exhibition, INEOS Styrolution will host a seminar sharing the latest developments in the medical field using styrenic polymers. All visitors and media are welcome to attend.

  • When: September 20, 2017; 13:30 to 14:00 p.m.
  • Where: New Technology Sessions Area