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INEOS Styrolution presents broad range of applications based on styrenic innovations at Feiplastic 2017


São Paulo, Brazil

  • Broad range of styrenic specialty solutions and customer applications available at Feiplastic 2017, Booth J70.
  • New product specialty solutions include StyLight* (a new generation of aesthetic composites), Novodur® Ultra 4255 and Luran® powders
  • Customer applications span across leading industries including Automotive, Healthcare, Household, Electronics, Construction, Packaging and Toys/ Sports/ Leisure.

Driving Success. Together. – INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, lives up to its promise and delivers numerous innovative applications together with customers and partners at Feiplastic 2017 in São Paulo.

Arguably, StyLight*, a new generation of aesthetic composites based on styrenic co-polymers, is the most innovative solution by INEOS Styrolution presented at Feiplastic. The reinforced thermoplastic offers a significant lightweight potential and robustness while at the same time meeting aesthetic demands. Its properties make StyLight* a material of choice for numerous applications including automotive interior. The StyLight* product portfolio, exhibited for the first time in Latin America, is divided into two categories, on the one hand products optimized for aesthetic semi-structural applications named “StyLight Aesthetic S” and on the other hand products optimised for structural, non-visible applications, called “StyLight Structural S”.

INEOS Styrolution’s labs exhibit several so-called “Cool Touch” prototype solutions, i.e. styrenic components mimicking a metal haptic through a highly engineered mixture of thermally conductive materials in styrenics. Advantages of this material include a tunable electrical conductivity, low density, low manufacturing cost and a high flexibility of designs, compared to metal. Housings for electrical devices without active cooling (e.g. smartphones), power supply housings and motor shells are among the applications targeted by Cool Touch solutions.

Exhibited innovative customer applications are sorted by industry.


For the Peugeot 208, Luran S 778T has been selected for the front grill, applying the hot stamping technology supplied by KURZ. Luran S offers high surface quality and color fastness for pre-colored unpainted exterior applications. Novodur P2MC is used for the front grill frame, featuring a highly defect-free surface quality, including good impact strength and dimensional stability.

Premium car producers have selected Terblend®, an ABS/ PA or ASA/ PA blend, for their loudspeaker grills. It combines impact strength, excellent colorability and provides good acoustic dampening. The Terblend easy flow grade (EF) allows for a finely detailed grill structure. Terblend N is especially suitable for a matt surface finish that does not require painting, and is therefore a cost-effective choice for automotive interiors.

Novodur HH-112 is currently used for rear lamp housings of numerous models from top global automobile brands. As the best high-heat ABS on the market, Novodur HH-112 provides high heat resistance, high-dimensional stability and excellent stiffness. INEOS Styrolution developed a new color that enables laser welding techniques resulting in invisible weld lines, which improves aesthetics at lower cost.

Another displayed solution is a pillar based on Luran HH-120 piano black. The application has been developed by a European premium car manufacturer.

Finally, the new Novodur Ultra 4255 is particularly interesting for the automotive industry. It features high impact strength at room temperature as well as at low temperature, 100 % ductility at -30 °C, high heat resistance and best-in-class flowability.


A solution shown in the household section is a local Brazilian development. The cover of an iron water reservoir is based on Zylar 960 and is available in several colors.

A colourful set of salad bowl and spoons made by Guzzini is also shown in the household section of the exhibition. With an excellent surface appearance that will not turn foggy in the dishwasher, with lower weight due to less density and a great ease of processing, Guzzini found the ideal solution in INEOS Styrolution’s specialty grade NAS®. It offers excellent transparency, chemical resistance and is food contact compliant.

For its premium champagne cooler, Hertus needed a material that offers glass-clear transparency, excellent surface appearance, easy processability and that proves to be dishwasher-safe – again making NAS a perfect solution.

Terluran® GP-22 is optimized for product handles in the household industry. Therefore, Condor Electronics selected INEOS Styrolution’s pre-colored Standard ABS for their fridge handle. It not only brings stability and impact toughness to the most commonly used part of the application, it also delivers premium aesthetics due to high gloss and color consistency to ensure a good surface quality.

INEOS Styrolution collaborated with P&G to create Oral-B's latest electric toothbrush, selecting Luran S for the improved housing design. Luran S passed all tests demonstrating high impact resistance, superior chemical resistance and particular dimensional stability, proving to be the ideal material for this application. Luran 388S is the product of choice for the transparent cover case due to its excellent chemical resistance.

Another result of the collaboration with P&G is Oral-B’s Pulsar manual toothbrush. The pre-colored material enables a high-quality and smooth surface feel, combining an aesthetic look with superior impact and chemical resistance.

INEOS Styrolution’s Zylar® provides the right balance of properties that contribute to the ergonomic, sleek handle with enhanced grip and aesthetic look of the Venus razor. Exceptional toughness, superior processing characteristics, chemical resistance and transparency speak for the INEOS Styrolution specialty grade itself.

A premium garden accessory needs a premium casing, which is why GARDENA selected INEOS Styrolution specialty grade Zylar for the protective casing of their multi-purpose secateurs. Transparent but still stable and robust – this material meets both the aesthetic and functional requirements requested by GARDENA. The highly transparent case enables the safe storage as well as supports the promotion of the garden tool at the point of sale.


Styrolux® 656C is used almost exclusively for rigid, tough parts requiring the highest level of clarity. Phillips-Medisize therefore chose INEOS Styrolution`s specialty grade Styrolux 656C for its outstanding transparency and low intrinsic color, its excellent impact strength and superior processability to create the Medisize breathing filter housing.

Celon Pharma S.A., a pharmaceutical company offering generic formulations for the regulated market, chose INEOS Styrolution to jointly develop this inhaler housing made of Novodur HD. The pre-colored Novodur HD not only meets the special needs of the medical industry, it also delivers excellent mechanical properties and high-quality surface appearance.

Helping patients breathe easier, Teva uses INEOS Styrolution’s Novodur HD 15 and Terlux HD 2802 in its Spiromax dry powder inhaler. Novodur is used in the case due to its dimensional stability and heat resistance, while transparent Terlux is found in the mouthpiece.

The Boehringer Ingelheim HandiHaler® uses two INEOS Styrolution grades: Novodur HD M203FC is used in the mouthpiece and housing due to its mechanical properties and surface appearance, and Terlux HD 2802 is used in the transparent capsule chamber for easy patient monitoring.


A convenient plastic case for the Stabilo pen sets is made of INEOS Styrolution’s Zylar 650 and is renowned for its high level of clarity, its unique flow properties and superior processability. It also provides a high stiffness ratio and excellent impact toughness. In addition to that it is food contact compliant and is therefore an ideal and safe application for kids. Plus, it makes it easier for them to choose pens and keep them organized.

A squeeze bottle for honey with a high level of clarity and offering flexibility to make it easier to squeeze is presented. Whereas other polymers are too rigid, INEOS Styrolution’s Styrolux squeezes even the last drop out of the bottle. Due to a good flowability, any tailor-made design according to customer’s precise needs can be realized. Even an integrated handle can be extrusion blow molded whereas other polymers cannot.

Two cosmetic packaging applications wrap up the packaging exhibits.

Toly, a global specialist in cosmetics packaging for major brands around the world, partnered with INEOS Styrolution to realize creative packaging concepts that combine function, aesthetics and new industry trends. INEOS Styrolution’s cosmetic packaging solutions take luxury packaging to new heights by combining excellent flowability, high impact resistance and a high-quality glossy surface feel.

An eye-catching line of thick-walled cosmetic jars from Hopf is also on display. It can be colored and personalized by various printing techniques with INEOS Styrolution’s custom grade Luran 338L. It provides the glass-like transparency, excellent flowability and color stability required for Hopf’s high-quality aesthetic containers.


An application displayed in the construction section of the portfolio wall addresses decks, capstocks and sidings. It has been developed in the USA and is based on Luran S 747R UV and Luran S Q440.

Luran HH 120 powder and Luran S797 Q 530 powder are special solutions being particularly interesting for the Brazilian market, since these grades increase the heat deflection temperature (HDT) in PVC compounds, i.e. stabilize PVC applications at higher temperatures.


With INEOS Styrolution’s grade Novodur P2H-AT, Ingelec™ Morocco, one of the major international manufacturers of electrical equipment, found the ideal solutions for their electrical switches. Not only selected for its high gloss surface, excellent flowability, color stability and mechanical property retention, Ingelec also took advantage of INEOS Styrolution's color service for color matching and fast and precise customization.

Toys/ Sports/ Leisure:

In search of a material solution for transparent figures, PLAYMOBIL decided to use INEOS Styrolution’s Zylar for the PLAYMOBIL ice dragon. Zylar 550 provides practical toughness, good clarity and superior processing characteristics for demanding injection molded applications. This material is the perfect fit to the aesthetic, functional and safety requirements requested by PLAYMOBIL.

Finally, an interesting local Brazilian development addresses the development of shoe soles. The displayed application, which is already successfully used by several local players in the market, is based on Styrolux 9550.


* Trademark application pending

Visit us at Feiplastic 2017 in Sao Paulo on booth J70.