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tonies selects sustainable styrenics from INEOS Styrolution for new audio product for children


Frankfurt, Germany

Image: courtesy of tonies

  • Selected grade is made with 50% renewable feedstock
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction is up to 71%

tonies, the global provider of “smart” audio systems for children, selected INEOS Styrolution’s sustainable ECO polymer to reduce the environmental footprint of their new audio product “Clever Tonies”. The company decided for INEOS Styrolution’s ABS[1] material Novodur® ECO P2H-AT BC50, a material that is partly based on renewable feedstock.

tonies audio systems offers children an intuitive way to discover the world and get inspired. The system is built for children three years or older to experience storytelling in the digital age - stimulating their imagination in ways other media can’t and providing educational messages in a playful way. Replacing traditional plastics with sustainable polymers for the manufacturing of the product contributes to the experience for families.  

tonies announced today that the housing of its new product “Clever Tonies” will be based on sustainable ECO materials from INEOS Styrolution. This new material will not only reduce the environmental footprint but also enable feel-good satisfaction the product intends to deliver for users.

Dr. Christian Sprinkmeyer, Chief Product Officer at tonies says: “We always strive to minimise the environmental footprint of our products to contribute to a sustainable future. Clever Tonies is a new and innovative audio product with edutaining[2] audio content that sparks children's fascination and curiosity. For this new product we want the most sustainable and highest quality materials possible. We are glad to work with INEOS Styrolution who shares our ideas and made it easy for us to reduce our environmental footprint.”

Stefan Röttel, Business Development Manager at INEOS Styrolution says: “Our ECO solutions make my job very rewarding. In the project with tonies, I am excited to see our sustainable solutions contribute to the development of our children and I am glad that we help our environment at the same time.”

About Novodur ECO P2H-AT BC50:

Novodur® P2H-AT is a general-purpose injection moulding grade providing high flowability and contains an antistatic additive. It is designed for best aesthetics, stable high gloss and smooth finish. Key features of the material include easy processing, good paintability and high gloss. The ECO version BC50 offers a drop-in solution for existing ABS applications. It contains 50% renewable feedstock, based on a mass balance process certified under ISCC PLUS. Its Carbon Footprint Reduction (CFR) is up to 71% compared to its fossil-based equivalent.

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[1] ABS: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

[2] Edutainment = education + entertainment