Approach to Sustainability


Key sustainability highlights


Sustainability targets

We have committed ourselves to global sustainability targets, which cover seven focus areas of our business: Safety, Health & Environment (SHE), Compliance, Human Resources, Procurement, Operations, R&D, and community involvement.


INEOS Styrolution at a glance

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How we define sustainability


For us, sustainability means that INEOS Styrolution operates and develops its business in a way that balances our current and future needs, taking into account economic, environmental and social factors so that we can sustain and further grow our business in the long term.

Where we stand today


Right from its foundation four years ago, INEOS Styrolution has driven initiatives geared towards sustainability, for example our programs for Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Excellence, risk & control, compliance, product stewardship and community involvement. We have obtained various certifications according to ISO standards. Every day, our customers and end consumers profit from our sustainable solutions, for example durable and lightweight styrenics enhancing resource efficiency, or hygienic packaging to ensure food safety and increased shelf-life. The company-wide sustainability program we are currently introducing will connect the dots between all those activities to provide a unified and efficient framework for reporting and enhancing INEOS Styrolution's standards.

Our vision and mission


As the global market leader in styrenics, together with our stakeholders, we want to drive styrenics for sustainable applications and, thus, drive our company’s success. Sustainable styrenics and styrenic innovations can offer exciting solutions for challenges the world is currently facing, such as climate protection and accommodating rising living standards in emerging countries. Moreover, we put strong emphasis on safe and resource-efficient production, on valuing and respecting our employees, on fostering trusted and transparent relationships with our business partners and the communities we operate in. We are convinced that accomplishing long-term success together with our stakeholders can only result from truly sustainable business management. 


Materiality of sustainability topics

In order to implement an effective approach to sustainability management and to ensure that our sustainability strategy addresses the expectations of our stakeholders, we undertook a materiality analysis with internal and external key stakeholders in 2014/ 2015 to identify, prioritize, validate and review relevant sustainability issues. No changes were deemed necessary in 2016.

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The materiality matrix on the left summarizes the results of this materiality assessment, which have been translated into GRI indicators for external reporting.

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Stakeholder dialogue

Engaging stakeholders and developing meaningful partnerships with them over time is essential for INEOS Styrolution’s long-term business success. We realize that regular, open and proactive dialogue with all relevant stakeholders helps us to understand their perspectives, expectations, key issues and needs. In this way, we are able to integrate them into our business decision-making processes wherever possible, ensuring that our strategy addresses the issues that are important to them. At the same time, a dialogue with stakeholders gives us the opportunity to explain our clear and committed approach to sustainability as well as the value of our work, our products and services for society.

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