Reliable Partner to Suppliers


Our mission: Activating our suppliers in order to enhance sustainability standards along the supply chain

INEOS Styrolution chooses its suppliers carefully, taking their sustainability standards into account. We expect all our suppliers – at a minimum – to comply with INEOS Styrolution’s Supplier Code of Conduct. Moreover, we work with partners along the supply chain to jointly enhance our sustainability performance.

Our sustainability targets

We have defined global sustainability targets for procurement. We will include sustainability as a key component in our supplier excellence program and aim that all of our buyers will be trained on sustainability by end of 2017. Furthermore, we target 80% of total supplier spend to be third-party assessed by 2020. We will report on these targets annually to disclose our progress.


Putting our mission into practice: Establishing the Supplier Code of Conduct

The cornerstone of our supply chain management is our Supplier Code of Conduct. It defines our minimum expectations and require­ments in supplier standards, including labor practices and human rights, health and safety, environmental protection, ethics and fair business practices.

Since 2015, compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct has been included in INEOS Styrolution’s general terms and conditions of purchase and expected of all external business partners. By agreeing to work for or with INEOS Styrolution, we require each supplier to commit to the document’s principles, which then also apply to the partner’s subsidiaries and affiliates, their subcontractors and other business partners along their supply chain.

Sharing our vision: Providing sustainability training to our buyers

In order to create shared knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of our sustainability program, we began a global sustainability training initiative in 2016. Conducting sustainability training enables us to create a common vision shared by all INEOS Styrolution colleagues in all sites and offices globally. It also gives guidance to our buyers when communicating our sustainability requirements to our suppliers.

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