Responsible Operations

Operating responsibly is deeply anchored in our corporate values. We are strongly committed to protecting the safety and health of individuals, using resources efficiently, and safeguarding the environment.

Our approach

For INEOS Styrolution, full compliance with environmental regulations is a minimum expectation. Our sustainability programme drives continuous reduction in our environmental footprint by enhancing our operations’ overall resource efficiency and by reducing our emissions.

We look at the entire production value chain – from the responsible use of raw materials and optimisation of processes at production sites to more efficient distribution of products to our customers.

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Our performance


Environmental management is embedded in our daily operations and in how we drive operational excellence at the site. In 2017, we further advanced the implementation of our environmental reduction projects and continued to ensure ISO certifications. We started the process of getting ISO 14001 certifications for all our manufacturing sites in the Americas. We continued with Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) in the Americas and started implementation in our European and Asia-Pacific production sites. We extended the scope of OCS to our supply chain, where OCS audits are being performed at both internal and external logistics sites.

We observed a significant shift for waste from landfill towards recycling, with a 32% reduction in landfill over the period 2014 to 2017. We significantly reduced our SOx emissions by 76% and dust emissions by 29% globally since 2014 due to the use of more eco-friendly fuels and combustion technology. We continued to further reduce our energy and greenhouse gas emissions. The other parameters, such as VOC and NOx , are in line with previous years’ performance but the impact of a newly acquired site can be seen. For water and waste water, continued efforts have been undertaken to sharpen the methodology and scope, which led to a further reduction. This enhanced baseline will help us to better define further reduction measures.


We have defined global sustainability targets for seven focus areas of our business including our operations. We are on track to meet our targets for water and waste water. Our VOC emissions have increased due to a newly acquired site as well as more intensive measurements. We have increased our total waste, however, we are significantly shifting our waste from landfill to recycling.


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