Engaging and developing our workforce

Our company consists of people that care – for our customers, for each other, for the success of the company, for society and for the environment. Our aim is to steer our business sustainably into the future, with the highest environmental, social and ethical standards.  We already have a strong track record of sustainability achievements that we are proud of. And we aspire to continue our exemplary performance by turning our ambitious commitments — such as achieving net zero emissions by 2050, recycling plastics waste, and making products from renewable materials — into action. 

We aim to help inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, support our neighbourhoods, and engage with local communities by working closely with school children and local governments. Through our donations, staff volunteering to support environmental clean-ups and sports events for children, or our work with students to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), we are always looking for ways to collaborate and contribute to a better society. 


We have an inclusive approach, which is open and transparent and welcomes talent first and foremost. We respect and value diversity and believe in equality of opportunity. And that in turn encourages our teams to take responsibility and accountability for decisions and actions.  


In a competitive, global industry such as ours, success hinges on our ability to attract and retain the most qualified and committed workforce.  

We offer an attractive remuneration package that is above market rate, and rewards productivity and progress through annual bonus schemes as well as other benefits that can vary based on hiring location. We promote work-life balance through flexible working hours and part-time work models. 


We also recruit young graduates as part of a five-year INEOS Graduate Programme offered by our parent company, which aims at developing the best commercial and engineering graduates internationally. Through this programme, young recruits are offered meaningful responsibilities, on-the-job and core skills training, a personal mentor, as well as competitive pay and benefits based on market standards. 


We believe in a healthy body and healthy mind and encourage and support all employees to stay active and fit. Many of our production sites and offices have fitness centres within the company premises, where employees can make use of the facilities thanks to subsidised fees by the company. And every employee has access to the INEOS Energy Station digital wellness hub, which provides fitness classes, discounts, events and many company-wide fitness challenges. 


We care about and value development and success, which is why we offer our employees opportunities for personal and professional growth, such as development plans to track their career path and advancement, for all employee levels. We also recognise and reward top-performing employees. 

We help employees to develop their full potential and expand their talent and skills by life-long learning. Right from the first day at work, we offer a mix of online, in-house and external trainings to enhance your professional skills and technical knowledge – such as language courses, behaviour assessments, leadership courses, and development of competencies and soft skills. In addition to this, we also provide compliance and safety trainings that are of course mandatory to all employees.  

And we are not all about work. We provide a space for people to connect, have fun, bond, and make a positive impact!