Performance up. Footprint down.

The essence of our sustainability commitment, which we summarise as “Performance up. Footprint down”, is to quickly transition to a low-carbon, circular economy with drop-in sustainable styrenics solutions for all applications that are on par with conventional product performance.  

With “Performance up. Footprint down.”, we address two mounting challenges for our industry: the prevention of littering and waste, and the reduction of carbon emissions. ​​​​​​​ 

We have crystallised this into three sustainability goals: 

​​​​​​We have already made significant progress by scaling up our ECO portfolio and developing a tangible emissions reduction roadmap. Our broad portfolio of ECO products is our drop-in solution for customers, which means that ECO products can be produced using existing machinery and equipment with no additional technology or investments. 

Our ultimate objective is to transform to a net-zero emissions business by 2050.