Maximising resource efficiency and minimising waste

As a leading manufacturer for polystyrene, ABS, and styrenics specialities globally, we aim to use available resources efficiently and reduce our environmental footprint. Complete compliance with local and national environmental legislation is mandatory for our operations. We strive to continually improve our operations as well as our sustainability performance by following the key drivers of our environmental policy: 

  • Reduction in energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions: Striving to continually optimise the energy efficiency of our technology and operations
  • Resource efficiency, including scrap reduction and waste management: Efficiently using raw materials, including reuse, recycling, and recovery through optimisation of our processes 
  • Efficient use of water: Reducing the use of water where possible and optimising the water efficiency of our operations
  • Reduction of air emissions and wastewater discharge: Evaluating best available technology and prevention of accidental emissions through advanced process control
  • Prevention of pellet loss: Avoid the spillage of pellets into the environment through preventative and mitigation measures as well as monitoring at our production sites and during transportation
  • Transparency and open communication on our environmental performance with stakeholders (personnel, customers, authorities, communities)