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Styrenics help bringing many popular toys to children all over the world, since non-plastic alternatives would be way beyond the reach of countless families and their children. Examples for applications are ABS-based toys, such as Playmobil or the miniature toys used in a leading brand of chocolate eggs. NAS®, Zylar® and Terlux® deliver proven performance in transparent toy parts and offer benefits in processing and for thick wall moldings.

Many sports disciplines are unthinkable today without the use of styrenics: For example, ABS Novodur® helps to bring skis and snowboards into form and is an excellent base for decoration with films made of Terlux® to give them a fashionable touch.

The weather-resistant ASA Luran® S is a perfect fit to support outdoor activities. It is successfully used in applications such as caravan windows and door frames, ventilation screens and gardening equipment.

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