News Release

INEOS Styrolution and Samsung Resin collaborate to produce Terluran® ECO GP-22


Seoul, Korea


  • New collaboration will provide recycled ABS grades with the same properties as INEOS Styrolution’s virgin general purpose ABS GP-22
  • Grades with 50% or 70% recycled content available now as a drop-in solution for customers
  • Both grades are fully recyclable and are now produced and available commercially in Asia

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, has today
announced its collaboration with Samsung Resin, an established compounder in South Korea, to produce high quality virgin-like ABS grades with up to 70% recycled content. INEOS Styrolution will integrate Samsung Resin’s post-consumer recycled electrical and electronic waste into state-of-the-art recycling ABS formulations. Grades will be available across markets in Asia at commercial scale with immediate effect.

This agreement brings together Samsung Resin’s established compounding capability with INEOS Styrolution’s manufacturing expertise and innovative capabilities, to produce the best recycled ABS grades, without sacrificing product performance compared to virgin material.

The two recycled ABS grades, Terluran® ECO GP-22 MR50 and Terluran® ECO GP-22 MR70, contain 50 and 70 percent of recycled post-consumer waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), respectively and are available in standard black. Both grades are now available in commercial quantities as a drop-in solution, ideal for applications across a wide range of industries including household, electronics, packaging, toys, sports and leisure. INEOS Styrolution had been producing and selling both grades in Europe since 2019 and is now offering the same products, but locally produced, to its global and regional customers based in Asia.

“At INEOS Styrolution, post-consumer plastic waste is seen as a valuable resource,” comments Alexandre Audouard, Vice President Standard Polymers Asia-Pacific. “We are pleased to partner with Samsung Resin to produce high quality recycled ABS grades that fully meet the standards expected for our industry-leading products and helping our customers achieve their own recycling and CO2 reduction targets”.

Young-Tae Hong, CEO, Samsung Resin, said “INEOS Styrolution’s recycled ABS grades will contribute to reducing plastic waste down-cycling and offer high quality fully recyclable ABS solutions. This is in line with the vision shared by both companies to support a circular economy by maximising recycling and recovery of plastics, minimising waste and reducing our impact on the environment, at the same time creating high-performance polymers to serve a broad range of industries and applications.”