News Release

INEOS Styrolution’s Terluran® ECO GP-22 MR50 used in TUPLUS’ new range of travel luggage


Shanghai, China

INEOS Styrolution’s Terluran® ECO GP-22 MR50 used in TUPLUS’s new range of travel luggage (image courtesy of TUPLUS, 2021)

  • Terluran® ECO GP-22 MR50: A mechanical post-consumer recycling (PCR) ABS grade with a PCR content of 50%
  • Terluran® ECO GP-22 MR50: Combines easy-flow, high impact resistance and heat distortion with high quality surface finish
  • Terluran® ECO GP-22 MR50: Supports TUPLUS in achieving its recycling and CO2 reduction targets

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, has
announced today that TUPLUS, a high-end manufacturer and designer of stylish, functional luggage, has selected Terluran ECO GP-22 MR50. The new product will help advance the company’s efforts in reducing carbon footprint of its products and promoting a more environmentally conscious mode of travelling.

Terluran ECO GP-22 MR50 is a fully recyclable ABS grade containing 50 percent of recycled post-consumer waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), with properties on par with INEOS Styrolution’s virgin general purpose ABS GP-22. It combines easy-flow, high impact resistance and heat distortion with high quality surface finish, making it a material of choice for applications across a wide range of industries including Household, Electronics, Packaging, Toys, Sports and Leisure.

Ms. Jing Jiang, President, TUPLUS China says, “The performance and availability of Terluran ECO GP-22 MR50 as a drop-in solution exactly meets our requirements and enables us to achieve our company’s recycling and CO2 reduction targets. We also appreciate INEOS Styrolution’s local production capabilities, ensuring shorter lead times and better supply stability of its products and services.”

“We are really pleased to be able to work with such a dynamic company like TUPLUS,” comments Alexandre Audouard, Vice President Standard Polymers Asia-Pacific. “We are fully committed to continue providing TUPLUS with the best material solutions in the future and fulfilling its ambitions in the travel luggage industry.”