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INEOS Styrolution introduces first sustainable styrenics products with superior weathering resistance based on bio-attribution



Window profiles © Shutterstock) and car spoiler (© INEOS Styrolution), typical applications for Luran S


  • Up to 50% bio-attributed content
  • Up to 58% lower carbon footprint
  • ISCC PLUS certified process

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, has today announced the introduction of the company’s first sustainable ASA[1] solution. INEOS Styrolution’s Luran® S material is now also available as Luran® S ECO with up to 50% bio-attributed content.

Luran S is a family of products for very demanding applications. It is particularly known for use in outdoor applications. Its UV resistance makes it the material of choice for a range of applications in the construction industry and exterior applications in automotive. Luran S is also selected for a range of applications in the Toys, Sports and Leisure industry.

The longevity resulting from its UV resistance can be considered a first step towards being a sustainable product. True sustainability is now coming with the material being based on bio-attributed content. Options with up to 50% bio-attributed content are available[2].

LCA analyses that the new Luran S ECO B products will offer up to 58% carbon footprint reduction when compared to the respective fossil-based products, depending on the selected Luran S grade[3].

The bio-attribution process is certified by ISCC PLUS. Production of Luran S ECO B is at INEOS Styrolution’s plant in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

Marcela Villegas, Director Commercial Product Management EMEA, said: “Our Luran S ECO B products are to my knowledge the first bio-attributed ASA materials in the market. We are excited that these products will help us and our customers to meet our respective sustainability targets. I encourage interested customers to talk to us about these new options.”


[1] ASA: acrylonitrile styrene acrylate

[2] For detailed information regarding a specific grade, customers are invited to contact INEOS Styrolution

[3] Data assessed by an independent 3rd party.

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