Approach to Sustainability

For INEOS Styrolution, sustainability is not just about safeguarding our license to operate. We go one step further: To us, it is a lever for growth and will enable us to tap into new and emerging business models. As an essential next step, we have committed to further improving our resource efficiency and promoting sustainable operations throughout our entire value chain.

How we define sustainability

INEOS Styrolution intends to operate and develop its business in a way that balances our current and future needs, taking into account economic, environmental and social factors so that we can sustain and further grow our business in the long term.


Our global sustainability programme

As the global market leader in styrenics, we aspire to drive sustainable styrenics solutions for our customers. Plastics are one of the most versatile materials in modern society and contribute to every facet of our daily lives. Due to their versatility and capacity for innovation, plastics have a crucial role to play in delivering a more sustainable future. Through their unique combination of light-weight, durability and other intrinsic properties, they contribute to addressing global challenges, such as environmental and climate protection, resource efficiency, and rising living standards in emerging countries.

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Determining what is material

We regularly engage with our stakeholders to understand the sustainability issues that are of relevance to them and important to our business. To ensure we prioritise these issues, we periodically conduct a formal materiality assessment. In accordance with the reporting framework of the new GRI Standards, we undertook a focused materiality assessment in 2017 involving key internal and external stakeholders.

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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) are essentially a materiality assessment of our planet and lay out a path to end extreme poverty, address inequality and injustice, and protect the earth. These goals provide guidance and direction on sustainable development for both industry and society. We strongly believe that we can contribute positively to these goals through our concerted sustainability actions. We have indicated below where we are focusing our sustainability efforts towards meeting these goals.

Styrolution-Portal:/Sustainability/2018/table1.png Ensuring the health and safety of our entire workforce including contractors

Please see the chapter Responsible operations.

Promoting the well-being of our workforce as well as the people living in the communities we operate in

Please see the chapter Reliable employer and Responsible neighbour.
Styrolution-Portal:/Sustainability/2018/table2.png Promoting lifelong learning opportunities through training and development of our workforce

Please see the chapter Reliable employer.

Supporting education and providing necessary infrastructure to ensure inclusive education in our local communities

Please see the chapter Responsible neighbour.
Styrolution-Portal:/Sustainability/2018/table3.png Driving sustainable economic growth through investments and strong business performance

Please see the chapter Responsible business management.

Promoting productive employment and decent work for all

Please see the chapter Reliable employer and Foundation of our business success.
Styrolution-Portal:/Sustainability/2018/table4.png Contributing to a circular economy by developing innovative and sustainable solutions

Please see the chapter Responsible products.
Styrolution-Portal:/Sustainability/2018/table5.png Ensuring resource-efficient production and use of our products

Please see the chapter Responsible operations.
Styrolution-Portal:/Sustainability/2018/table6.png Shifting to a low carbon economy and taking action to combat climate change and its impacts

Please see the chapter Responsible operations.
Styrolution-Portal:/Sustainability/2018/table7.png Addressing marine litter and pellet loss in our operations as well as in our value chain

Please see the chapter Responsible operations and Reliable partner to suppliers.
Styrolution-Portal:/Sustainability/2018/table8.png Forming strategic partnerships to drive sustainable development across our entire value chain

Please see the chapter Approach to sustainability.

Key sustainability highlights 2017

Below is a selection of our key achievements that demonstrate our sustainability performance in our key focus areas.


Sustainability targets

We committed ourselves to short-term and medium-term global sustainability targets for the period 2016 to 2019, covering key focus areas of our business. Here is an update of our progress in the past year. All targets marked with an "achieved" icon depict targets achieved in 2017. The other targets have a longer duration and are still in progress.


Stakeholder dialogue

Engaging stakeholders and developing meaningful partnerships with them over time is essential for our long-term business success. We realise that regular, open and proactive dialogue with all relevant stakeholders helps us to understand their perspectives, expectations, key issues and needs. In this way, we are able to integrate them into our business decision-making processes wherever possible, ensuring that our strategy addresses the issues that are important to them. At the same time, a dialogue with stakeholders gives us the opportunity to explain our clear and committed approach to sustainability as well as the value of our work, and our products and services for society.


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