Our mission: Living up to highest standards with regards to compliance

INEOS Styrolution is committed to complying with all relevant local, national and international laws. We want to live up to the highest standards regarding ethics, integrity and transparency and will not compromise our safety, health or environmental standards for any reason, including profit or production.

Our sustainability targets

We have defined global sustainability targets for compliance. We aim to provide biennial training on our Code of Conduct to our entire active employee base as well as train our relevant employee workforce on anti-bribery and corruption. We will report on these targets annually to disclose our progress.


Putting our mission into practice: INEOS Styrolution's Compliance Program

INEOS Styrolution operates as a responsible corporate citizen, at all times and everywhere it conducts business. Regardless of business unit or location, we believe that the way we do business is as important as what we produce. In addition to compliance with all regulations, we operate with a global set of values, policies and guidelines. In some cases, the company’s global standards exceed the requirements of local laws and regulations.

The cornerstone of our Compliance Program is our Code of Conduct, which was revised in 2016. It defines and summarizes, in one framework, what we expect of our businesses and employees regardless of location or background. The Code of Conduct provides guidance in key areas and, where needed, indicates where more detailed standards, policies, instruction and processes are available or will be issued.

Gift policy

With respect to our Code of Conduct and in particularly our gift policy, INEOS Styrolution EMEA has been refraining from the common practice of sending gifts to customers and suppliers for Christmas and the year’s end and has been asking INEOS Styrolution’s business partners to support us by not offering any gifts to our employees as well.

The money thus saved was donated to charity instead.

In 2015, INEOS Styrolution EMEA supported the Ambulanter Kinderhospizdienst Frankfurt am Main – an initiative that provides home support to families with children suffering from life-limiting illnesses – with a donation of €5,500.

Also in 2016, we continued this compliance approach and donated €7,500 to Hannibal – a charity of the JKVG Association in Antwerp that brings together kids and young people with and without disabilities to spend a wonderful holiday and have an unforgettable time together.

Although this fund-raising campaign was compliance-driven, it fits perfectly with INEOS Styrolution’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability approach. With our CSR program, we place a strong focus on future generations and donate our efforts and money to drive initiatives that support the health and well-being of young and disadvantaged children at our company’s various locations.

To find out more about INEOS Styrolution’s community involvement activities, please click here and flip through our global community involvement initiatives published in our current GRI sustainability report “Living Sustainability. Together.”.

Click here to view the whole chapter on "Compliance" in our GRI report 2016.