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Styrenics make modern life possible

Poly wakes up to discover an alternate universe with no styrenics! Find out what the world would look like without the products that help keep food fresh and clean, transportation safe and lightweight, and medical products hygienic.

Styrenics make the world better

More and more consumer brands are pledging to increase the use of post-consumer recycled material in their products — increasing the demand for recycled plastic feedstock. The progress in recyclability of plastics means the benefits of the material (lightweight, insulating, hygienic, and more) can continue to be utilized while contributing to the vision of a sustainable, circular economy. INEOS Styrolution continues to focus on bringing recycled styrenic polymer solutions to the market by offering mechanically recycled and bio-attributed materials in our Styrolution ECO products portfolio. These materials have identical properties and the same high quality and performance as their fossil-based counterparts, thus enabling a direct replacement for customers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and produce environmentally conscious products.

The magic of change with INEOS Styrolution ECO

INEOS Styrolution is pioneering a growing portfolio of ECO products that are available as drop-in solutions for our customers. We transform used plastics into new plastics with our recycling technologies and create new materials with renewable feedstock. Making sustainable styrenics for all applications.

Understanding product life cycle assessments

When it comes to choosing sustainable options for product materials, there’s a lot to consider. The best way to understand the full impact and environmental costs of a product is by using a lifecycle assessment, or LCA. At INEOS Styrolution, we pay close attention to LCAs, while bringing innovative and sustainable best-in-class solutions to help make the circular economy for styrenics a reality.


Polystyrene, a one of a kind design, made for repeating PS, polystyrene is recyclable

Polystyrene is valuable and sustainable and has many material applications that out-perform alternative solutions. From construction and insulation to safe and hygienic food storage to medical applications and electronic housings and more. It has enabled innovation, safety, and energy savings across dozens of industries making it indispensable to our daily lives. PS, polystyrene is recyclable.

Modern Polystyrene Recycling – Breaking it Down

With the introduction of many new technologies, today’s recycling may not be as simple as you think. Learn about four advanced recycling technologies that capture post-consumer plastic waste, deal with contaminants, and simplify sorting steps.

Celebrating 90 years of polystyrene, a history in the making

The year 2021 marks the 90th year since the invention of the first ready-to-use polystyrene. It may seem that this material, so indispensable to our modern way-of-life, is a recent, modern-age invention, but in fact the polystyrene we know today, actually came of age, in 1931. And, its beginnings go back even further - all the way back to 1839!

Mechanically recycled polystyrene: taking the single out of single-use food packaging

INEOS Styrolution has combined state-of-the-art sorting technology with our game-changing super-clean process to provide 100% post-consumer recycled polystyrene.

A life with styrenics

Styrenics has made our lives safer and easier through its use in creating high-quality packaging, medical applications, automotive components, household and electronics devices as well as construction materials. Watch this video to find out how this material has proven to be the best choice in building a safer, healthier, sustainable, and more productive world.

Bio-attributed styrenics: performance powered by nature

Innovative performance, powered by nature. This is what INEOS Styrolution is offering with its new range of sustainable products made using renewable feedstock.

Building the best recycled ABS in the world - follow the journey of a coffee machine

Follow the coffee machine and find out how electronics waste can be recycled and given a new life.

Recycling polystyrene through depolymerisation - follow the journey of a yoghurt cup

Follow the polystyrene yoghurt cup and find out it gets recycled and “reincarnated” by the process of depolymerisation.

Step-by-step demonstration of food contact mechanical recycling of polystyrene

A successful demonstration of the viability of high-purity mechanical recycling of polystyrene. Due to polystyrene's low diffusion property, high purity levels of 99.9% and more of the polystyrene recyclate can be achieved.