Reliable employer

Reliable employer


Our mission: Striving to be an attractive, reliable employer

INEOS Styrolution fosters sustainable relationships with its employees that build on fairness, reliability and trust. As stated in our corporate values, we “value and respect people.” Team spirit and diversity inspire the daily work of our global team. We are committed to offering an appealing working environment with competitive remuneration and benefits as well as attractive opportunities for our employees to grow and develop professionally.

Our sustainability targets

We have defined global sustainability targets for being a reliable employer. We aim for 80% of our exempt employees to complete employee development interviews by the end of 2018. We will implement management development plans, senior management development plans, and executive development plans across all regions in 2017. We will also conduct a global employee survey for our entire workforce in 2017. We will report on these targets annually to disclose our progress.


Putting our mission into practice: Fostering a high-quality working environment and value-driven team

As the market leader in styrenics, we offer positions ranging from chemical engineering to operations management and business administration. In a competitive, global industry, our success hinges on our ability to attract and retain the most qualified and committed employees in each of the markets we operate.

We are committed to offering employees an appealing work environment with competi­tive remuneration and benefits, as well as attractive opportunities to grow and develop professionally. Our remuneration policy is geared toward an above-average remuneration of employ­ees, and is oriented toward the country-specific conditions within the chemical industry, in all countries in which the company is active. We welcome the best candidates and practice principles of equal opportunity for recruiting and advancement.

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