Reliable Partner to Suppliers

Our efforts to monitor and enhance our sustainability performance are grounded in the activities of our own business. We believe, however, that our overall responsibility is not limited to our own manufacturing sites. We, therefore, assess sustainability performance along the entire styrenics supply chain to ensure that our suppliers meet high sustainability standards.

Our approach

Sustainable procurement practices are increasingly driving companies’ purchasing decisions, policies and reputation. We work with over 10,000 suppliers worldwide that provide us with raw materials, equipment as well as services, such as logistics, utilities and IT. As a company with a global reach, we have the ability to influence the sustainability practices in our supply base and are committed to forming strategic partnerships with our top suppliers that have the most impact on our business from a risk and spend perspective.

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Our performance


In 2017, 72% of our global supplier spend was third-party assessed on environmental and social criteria. In addition, 100% of our buyers were trained on sustainability through a combination of in-person and web-based training.

We have developed a preliminary concept for Supplier Excellence and are systematically integrating sustainability as a key component in our Supplier Excellence programme, such as including additional sustainability criteria to evaluate supplier performance.



We have defined global sustainability targets for seven focus areas of our business including procurement. These targets are aligned with our material topics and underscore our commitment to continuous improvement.

We continue to target 80% of total supplier spend to be third-party assessed by 2020 and also ensure continuous training of all buyers on our sustainability initiatives.


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