Responsible Operations


Our mission: Fostering safe and reliable operations

INEOS Styrolution continuously strives to improve production processes, use resources more efficiently and minimize its environmental impact for current and future generations. This includes working to ensure the safety of individuals, including our employees, contractors, partners, and external stakeholders. The company’s operating procedures continually seek greater efficiency in the use of energy and materials, improvements in the conservation of water, reduction of emissions, waste water and other waste through recycling, the recovery of by-products and end-product loss.

Our sustainability targets for SHE

We now have defined global sustainability targets for our company’s safety performance. The safety of our employees, contractors and on-site logistics personnel has been our undisputed number one priority. Therefore, first and foremost, we strive for continuous improvement of our safety performance and aim to reach our annual overall safety target of 0.38 for 2017 – 0.36 for employees and 0.40 for contractors. We will report on these targets annually to disclose our progress.


Putting our mission into practice: Making safety a top priority

INEOS Styrolution is convinced that being a market leader goes hand in hand with an outstanding safety record and that all accidents are preventable. Incident-free operation is our objective. We take our responsibility for Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) very seriously and are fully committed to delivering a continually improving performance across all our operations.

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Our sustainability targets for operations

We have defined global sustainability targets for responsible operations. We aim to increase our ISO 50001/ environmental management system (EMS) coverage of our production sites from 40% to 60% by 2018. Further, we strive for a global coverage of ISO 14001 by end of 2019. In terms of reductions in our specific emis­sions, we are aiming for a 7% reduction in waste water, a 3% reduction in water use, a 7% reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC) as well as a 10% reduction in waste for the years 2014 to 2018. We will report on these targets annually to disclose our progress.


Putting our mission into practice: Improving our environmental footprint

For INEOS Styrolution, full compliance with environmental regulations is a minimum expectation. Our sustainability program drives continuous reduction in our environmental footprint by enhancing our operations’ overall resource efficiency and by reducing our emissions. We look at the entire production value chain – from the responsible use of raw materials and optimization of processes at production sites, to more efficient distribution of products to customers as well as waste management and recycling.

The key drivers for our environmental management are:

  • Reduction in energy use and emissions: We strive to continu­ously optimize the energy efficiency of our technology and operations
  • Resource efficiency, including scrap reduction and waste management: Efficient use of raw materials, including reuse, recycling and recovery through optimization of our processes
  • Efficient use of water: Reducing the use of water where pos­sible and optimizing the water efficiency of our operations
  • Reduction of air and waste water discharge by evaluating best available technology and prevention of accidental emis­sions by process control
Pellet loss reduction: We take measures, especially in terms of enhanced housekeeping, to prevent plastic pellet loss at our production sites as well as during transportation.

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ISO Certificates & other reports

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