Innovation at INEOS Styrolution

As the leading global styrenics supplier, INEOS Styrolution is well aware that market and technology leadership are strongly determined by an innovative approach and excellence in research and development. We use new ideas, innovation and technology to give our customers a competitive edge in their markets, helping them to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow. With best-in-class production technology, leading R&D skills and a large number of intellectual property rights and patents, INEOS Styrolution is perfectly equipped to ensure high quality, efficiency and innovation.

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Fields of research

On selected technology fields, continuous improvements are made in various projects

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From ideas to success

INEOS Styrolution follows a well-defined innovation process to steer developments.

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Success stories

Examples for recent achievements based on new developments.

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INA & IDA Awards

In order to honor innovation concepts, INEOS Styrolution introduced global awards.

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Selected publications

Beyond patenting, researcher publish fundamental findings on conferences and in journals.

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Cooperations with research institutes build a cornerstone of our R&D activities.

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ResolVe project

ResolVe has been a very successful research and development project to explore the commercial use of post-consumer polystyrene waste as a raw material to produce high-quality plastics. Read on and learn more!

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